Why WordPress?

WordPress e-commerce is by far the most cost-effective and adaptable solution for customers who require specialist functionality or integrations with their website. WordPress websites offer control, flexibility and do exactly what you need them to do, even with complex levels of customisation.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular platforms for e-commerce websites. It adds any functionality you require for payment and shipping, customising product pages and adding themes to make the site look professional. It also comes with various plugins for social proof, interactivity and security.

WordPress is great for SEO

WordPress has many advantages over third-party products for SEO, helping you rank better with search engines. When built well, a WordPress website loads fast, and allows for the full optimisation of content and meta information, increasing your visibility with search engines.

Why WordPress e-commerce is the most cost-effective solution

Using Woo-Commerce, your solution will save you money on monthly fees compared with other platforms which require additional modules to support your business offering.
It’s fully customisable and comes with inventory assistance, point of sale, geo targeting support and more. Essentially, it gives you the ability to sell anything, anywhere.
If you want a flexible e-commerce solution with reasonable monthly fees, let’s talk.

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