The internet is one of the most significant inventions in human history. It has completely changed so many aspects of our daily lives. In business, we now have the capability to communicate with a global market to sell our products and services.

But this all comes with a very significant threat: hackers.

Hackers are not screen-tanned adolescents messing around as popular culture makes them out to be. Hackers are dangerous people trying to maliciously exploit your digital property. There are whole organisations of hackers working to steal your sensitive data or to do damage to your website for personal gain.

This problem isn’t going to go away. It will likely get worse.

Many people don’t know just how important web hosting is for maintaining and protecting your website. It is the central service for security and front line of defence against hackers. And before you say, “I’m not a target,” every website is a target for hackers. Failing to have the right security is effectively an invitation to let them steal your data or wreck your site.

There are essentially two types of hackers. Let’s meet them and show you how to keep them out of your website.

The identity thief (or digital vampire)

This type of hacker is your number one threat. Unfortunately, they are also the most common type of hacker out there. They work as individuals and in criminal organisations with the sole purpose of finding security weaknesses in your website.

When that happens, you won’t know they’re there because they will want to bleed your data for all that it’s worth. They will continue to extract information about your users so they can sell it as leads to marketing companies or to other criminal organisations.

The boaster (or digital vandal)

The less common type of hacker is the kind that wants to show off their skill and boast about hacking into your website. Generally, they’re highly destructive and will vandalise your website to let you know they were there. That can damage your brand and reputation, as well as lumping you with the cost of restoring your website and fixing the security issue.

How MRD WEB keeps hackers out

The protection of your digital investment is our top priority. Our hosting plans aren’t simply for server space and data traffic. They’re designed to keep hackers out.

Here’s what’s included:

Software upgrades: When new features and updates are released for your website software, these are immediately added by the MRD WEB team.

Site monitoring and security: We actively monitor your website as per your hosting subscription and apply security patches immediately on release.

Backups: We do regular backups of you website. If the worst happens, we can minimise damage by restoring the most recent backup to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Proactive vanity monitoring: As part of your website hosting subscription* one of the MRD WEB team members manually maintains your website, checking for visual or functional issues and repairing them immediately.

Some developers don’t charge ongoing fees, but they also don’t offer this level of security and maintenance. MRD WEB’s managed hosting plans ensure that you will not be surprised by large unexpected website update fees (or security vulnerabilities) as your website software ages.