We’re all facing a challenging year ahead, with many opinions out there regarding how the economy will recover, and what we should all be doing to get through these uncertain times.

So, what do you do when there is so much uncertainty? How do you plan for the year ahead, not knowing what the year ahead holds for us all?

Let’s think differently, think strategically and face the year head on.


Where to Start

Using ‘outside the square’ strategies and reaching out digitally – means you can still deliver key messaging to people anywhere at any time.

Start by asking yourself; who are the clients/customers that immediately need your support coming out of lockdown – and are you communicating with them now?

This is where a Digital Content Development Plan can benefit – but first you must begin with Content Strategy.

This will help you to determine:

  • Who you are creating content for.
  • What problems this content will help to solve for your target audiences.
  • What your point of difference is, and how this looks now, as we face uncertain times.
  • What channels you should use to reach people going forward.
  • Which content formats your target audience will best communicate with.
  • How to manage the creation and publication of content.
  • What your business goals are for each channel – however these may look coming out of lockdown.

In these difficult times, how can you use your digital presence to inform and to be a force for good?

Put people first: Now more than ever it is extremely important to put your audience first; and truly understand what they want/need to see from you. This will be vastly different – depending on your industry, but there are a few things to consider across the board: 1. How can your service or product be of benefit? 2. How are your clients/customers affected by the lockdown and what can you do to help? 3. What do people need/ how can you adapt to fulfil that need?

Keep it real: Focus on authentic content that is relatable, not pushy or overly polished.

The one thing everyone craves at the moment is connection – we all want to support and contribute where we can. Create a campaign that speaks to people – whether that’s through important messaging, letting them know about an essential service, or simply delivering a general business update. Be real, be raw, be honest and be present, so you still have an engaged audience to speak to when things settle.


What is a Content Development Plan?

A Content Development Plan outlines how and what you will feed your digital marketing channels. It is the implementation plan that complements your Content Strategy.

Get creative with content: No matter what your area of expertise, the internet and digital space offers many exciting ways to connect and communicate. Think about how these could be used to target your audience specifically in these strange times, and what that will look like by developing a content plan.

Digital Content Development Plans should include:

  • Content themes for each week/month
  • Titles and outlines of any blog posts to be made
  • Social Media messages broken down by type and channel, for example: text posts, links, videos, images, polls, etc.
  • Planned email marketing
  • Any gated content that you plan to release/promote
  • How you will measure the results of your published content
  • What will be determined as a positive return on investment

Content Plans should provide a comprehensive schedule for at least a month, but ideally longer. This way you’ll never find yourself scrounging around for scraps of content, to ensure your blog doesn’t die of malnutrition.

Using your Content Plan, the content you create and when you release it will be consistent, relevant to the time of year/seasonal events and can be budgeted for.

When so much is uncertain, regular communication is key, and we’re here to support all of our customers with digital marketing advice and implementation through lockdown and beyond.

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