Under Level 2 the Government is asking that businesses; specifically, bars, restaurants, cafes and public venues, keep records for contact tracing. All other businesses are encouraged to keep contact tracing data by WorkSafe NZ – although this is encouraged, it is not a legal requirement.
You can view details around contact tracing requirements on the WorkSafe website https://worksafe.govt.nz/managing-health-and-safety/novel-coronavirus-covid/our-expectations-about-contact-tracing/
MRD can provide an online form/contact tracing solution by using your existing website. There is no need to add additional tools or ongoing expenses to your working environment, as most of our customers’ websites already have form capabilities.
Restaurants, bars and cafes may utilise this by providing a webpage address at their entrance for customers to ‘visit’ using their own devices and complete their information before entering. A ‘success’ page will be added to the form which people can show you on entering your premises to demonstrate they have completed the contact tracing form before entry. Alternatively, you can manage this process yourself on a tablet or small handheld device so that you don’t have to turn away customers with no device.  
Other business types may ask clients/visitors to compete the form online via their own device pre-meeting. This can be done by emailing the link to visitors to be completed before they arrive on the premises, or you can fill this in for them prior to or upon their arrival.
All information collected on these forms will be private and secure, and can only be used for contact tracing purposes related to Covid-19.
The form will store the information gathered within your website and can be easily downloaded to an excel file should you need to share this information with health authorities.
To see how this would work you can view the contact tracing form we’ll be using for client meetings at MRD here: