What is an SEO strategy?

An SEO strategy can take different forms, as there are three distinct and key influencers on SEO, which are development, backlinks and content. The strategies for each are different. Development deals with technology, backlinks deals with the pathways to your website, and content deals with the text, images and other media in your website. We provide strategies for all three, which are based around good SEO performance and helping search engines to understand what your business offers. These strategies will help you rank better for customer searches.

Why do you need an SEO strategy?

If you want to be found on the web, SEO is a critical factor when building a website. You wouldn’t go into business without a business plan, so why would you build a website without an SEO strategy? Without an SEO strategy, you won’t get traffic from organic searches. It’s as good as locking your shop door and hanging up a closed sign.


Development for SEO refers to how well a website is built. Search engines now place greater emphasis on website performance for mobile users (Google Core Web Vitals). So, a developer must know how to address each of these metrics, which are now a significant aspect of the algorithm in determining website rankings. We build all our websites for optimal performance in Core Web Vitals as standard.


The world wide web is aptly named, as it’s an intricate network of links from one website to another, which if we could see it, would look like a web. These strands linking sites to each other are called backlinks. Backlinks are a key factor for SEO, as they are pathways through the web to your website. We provide free advice about how to make backlink building part of your regular marketing activities.


Along with development, content is your website’s biggest opportunity to perform well with search engines. Our SEO strategies for content include keyword research using specialised software to find out what your customers are looking for on the internet. We use this research to develop a keyword map, which matches the best keywords to your offerings, allowing you to create targeted content which is easier for your customers to find.

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