It’s crazy to think that a little over a decade ago it was thought social media was just for the kids. But in 2017, with well over three billion users, social media has become a goldmine of customers for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

In this article we’ll look at three key components of social media strategy and execution. Focusing on Facebook for now, in future articles we’ll look at other social media platforms and the approaches to managing these channels and how to benefit from them. To kick things off, here are a few eye-watering statistics for 2017.


of the world’s population use Facebook


of Facebook users logged in every day in 2016


of time spent on social media happens on a mobile device

Reaching Target Audiences

With three billion users across all channels and over 1.85 billion people alone now using Facebook, the sheer scale of media reach has never been seen before in history. To put things in perspective, one of the world’s most read magazines, Time, prints around 25 million copies weekly.

Facebook can target audiences with many parameters such as: male / female, age, location, and even their personal interests. For instance, Facebook can specifically reach those who users who are into classic cars, fine cuisine, health and fitness or in this example of MRD Web’s client Zeelandt Brewery … beer.

In order to crack into the craft beer market, Zeelandt Brewery engaged with MRD Web to manage their Facebook page and Instagram account. After less than a year on the job, these two social media channels are now exposing the Zeelandt brand to more than 40,000 people a month with a preference for craft beer.

Getting it right with Facebook Advertising

Keeping up with what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to Facebook advertising can be a real chore. There are a whole bunch of ways to promote your page, your posts, or visits to your website. And choosing which advertising options to use, how to use them and how much to spend can be time-consuming and may result in poor results if not done correctly. So that’s why MRD Web take social media management and advertising off your hands and into ours.

A thorough Facebook strategy attracts new clients while keeping EuroCity’s existing clients up-to-date with offers, deals and promotions. Says Kirsty Bewley, “The EuroCity Facebook page has become our very own news channel where we can communicate directly with our customer base. It’s become an indispensable component of EuroCity’s overall marketing strategy.

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Driving Visitors to your Website

Want to get more visitors to your website? Well Facebook is the ideal platform to do this and where you can inform your audience of latest products and services before teasing them to visit your website for more info. Increasing website traffic is one of the best tactics to improve customer conversions. Take this example of MRD Web client, Dickie Direct.

Following a full website redevelopment, Dickie Direct engaged with MRD to carry out an awareness and lead generation campaign. The campaign encouraged Facebook followers to call the 0800 number for new orders and drive traffic from Facebook to the website for more details. Dickie Direct has been receiving hot leads directly from this digital marketing effort with 25% of website traffic now coming from Facebook.

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Getting Measurable Results from Social Media

It’s important to note that having an effective online presence is not just about social media. It’s also about having a great website that regularly refreshes its content, a decent SEO strategy both technically and in-copy, paid advertising, as well as the king of all online conversion tactics, regular email correspondence. All of these areas of digital marketing we’ll discuss in the near future via MRD Web’s Facebook page, website blog and our regular email newsletters.

Meanwhile, check out this article that identifies ten great reasons why every business should be using social media. And when you’re done, please give our social media team a buzz or flick them an email. We’re always up for a coffee and consult, to work out the right mix of digital strategy components that will work for your business and deliver real and measurable results.

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