Website security & maintenance

Web security and maintenance

We take website security very seriously. The consequences of having poor security can be very damaging, including loss of business, down time, loss of private data or customer details.
It’s a harsh reality that the Web has a dark side in the form of hackers, viruses, malware and other cyber nasties. When building a website, it’s critical to ensure it is kept secure, up-to-date and shielded against such threats. This protects your IP, data and ensures business continuity.
Data is a valuable commodity. If a hacker can gain access to your website, they will exploit the data for as long as they can. This will affect your profits, damage your relationships with your customers and compromise the integrity of your business.
You wouldn’t leave your physical premises unlocked at night, so why would you treat your website any differently? Security is the most important part of a build. Do it right, first time.

High level security as standard

Our security includes the fast rollout of new software versions, updates for WordPress, plug-ins, widgets and any other modules, apps or features used on your site. This level of security comes as standard with any MRD hosting package so you have the assurance your website is being kept safe.
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